economics DC 10

1.       The Health Economics of Bads” Please respond to the following:

a.       •Determine how the addiction models prescribed in this chapter relate to your consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, or caffeine (or to that of a friend or acquaintance).

b.      •Determine which public policy tool for curbing the consumption of bads would be the most costly to administer for a given amount of reduction among consumers when all costs are considered. Provide specific examples to support your response.


2.       “Money and Life” Please respond to the following:

a.       •The cost of HIV / AIDS medication has declined considerably within the last decade. Speculate whether or not this fact will have a positive impact on the health of those infected with HIV / AIDS in Africa. Provide a rationale for your assertions.

b.      •Evaluate the impact of economic culture and social culture in one country in Africa (select one) and make a recommendation regarding what can be done to combat HIV / AIDS in that country. Feel free to adopt a practice that has been proven to work.

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