ECO 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics

Case Study, Spring 2021

Deficits and Debt

Read each part of the information below carefully and completely.  Ask questions if you need clarification.

This assignment will not be along the lines of a traditional case study but will provide elements of a case study along with recent public information to answer questions relating the answers to the US Government regarding Deficits and Debt. This will relate mostly to chapter 12 in your textbook.  Your completed case study must be submitted on or before Sunday, May 2, at 11:59 p.m. This assignment is worth 150 points.

The grading rubric will be scaled as follows:

Quality of ResponseResponse reflects a thoughtful, well-reasoned analysis of the situation presented in the case study and recommends an appropriate course of action that considers potential consequences.  It demonstrates a solid understanding of the principles and concepts presented in the reading assignments and discussions.50
Application of PrinciplesResponse demonstrates a solid understanding of how to apply the principles and concepts from the reading assignments and research to the real-life situation presented in the case study.  To meet expectations, the response must demonstrate a mastery of these principles by referencing and applying them appropriately to support the recommended course of action.  Failure to apply the principles from the reading assignments and research will result in no points being awarded.50
Clearly Stated Course of ActionResponse clearly states a recommended course of action or position.20
Grammar, Spelling, and PunctuationSubmission must reflect correct spelling, proper grammar, and accurate punctuation.20
Word LengthSubmission must be at least 400 words and not more than 600 words in length. Submissions not meeting this word length requirement will receive no credit for the entire assignment.10

Your topic comes from the Learning Objectives for chapter 12:

  • The origins of cyclical and structural deficits.
  • How and when “crowding out” occurs.
  • What the real burden of the national debt is.

For your case study, find the current answers to these objectives above, as they relate to the US Government.

There are many, many sites on the internet that provide information relating to government spending and debt.  Pay attention to the dates of the articles; do not use any sources more than two years old. When doing your research, DO NOT get overwhelmed!  You could spend years gathering information for this paper—set a goal to find a certain number of credible resources that will support your answers, then stop.  Use the information in the textbook and the PowerPoint slides to help you understand these questions, too.

I recommend you use 3 to 5 relevant sources to prove your analysis in this assignment. Then move on to the writing phase of the assignment. This case study can be written in any style but be sure to properly reference your sources at the end of the paper.  Note—Reference sources are NOT a part of your word count.

Other recommendations and requirements:

  • You may double or single space your paper, but double spacing is preferred for readability.
  • Use a 12-point font that is easy-to-read.  Times New Roman, Helvetica or Calibri is preferred.
  • Use Section Headings to show when you start a new thought or paragraph.  It is okay to number each section in reference to the questions. I recommend each question is considered a new section heading, with at least 2-3 paragraphs for each section.
  • Place your References or Works Cited at the end.  Please use MLA, APA, or similar writing style for the reference citations.
  • Remember good grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • The word count limit is between 400 to 600 words for the body of the case study.  The References at the end do not count in the word count.