Dualism or Physicalism

Philosophy Essay 1

PAPER 1: Critically assess one or more problems raised against dualism or physicalism. Are they effective? Which view, in the end, is more acceptable? 

The essay is to be 3-5 pages in length. Please double-space and use a 12pt Times New Roman font. MLA citations and Works Cited page required. 

Additional information from my professor about the essay:


  1. INTRODUCTION (First paragraph- in a short essay this may only be a few sentences):

       A.B.S Format

  • A: Argument
  • B: Background information
  • S: Structure of essay

Argument: Clearly state your argument in the opening paragraph (and be sure it is answering the question asked!) 

For example, “In this paper, I will argue that Descartes’ approach to the Mind-Body Problem is incorrect.”

Don’t assume your argument will become clear as you progress through your paper.

A philosophy essay is NOT A REPORT!

It is an argument.