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3. Proposed Research
Current dissertation working title OR the subject area you are looking to explore and a brief outline of your proposed project (50-70 words)The working title of my dissertation will be “The impact of drug misuse on young people in London”. The aim of this dissertation research is to explore the impact of drug misuse on young people in London and access to services and support that has been provided to those affected in London, according to the NHS website which stated that London is among the highest being recorded on young people with substance abuse such as Indian hemp, Cocaine, heroin etc. My objective in carrying out research on this dissertation tile is to  establish the prevalence of drug misuse amongst 15 – 19 year olds in London Borough and as well as identifying  the psychological impact of drug misuse on young people in London on  their health which may result to mental health issues. The misuse of drugs among young people have affected their ways of life and social behaviour. This part can be easily found on government website, NHS and support organisation that addressing the issues of drug uses or abuse on young adult. “Identify support systems/access to support for drug misuse in order to suggest how services/support may be improved”  
Are you using primary or secondary data collection?Secondary data
Will you use qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods analysis?Quantitative Analysis
Are you interested in the Journal Article route? (please note this is an option for MSc students only, and it must be agreed with your supervisor) Answer yes or no.No