Discussion Question Requirement:

Instructions:  The goal of the discussions is to have a robust, informative, and reflective interaction about course topics. Learning is directly related to effort put forth toward discussion engagement and participation. In order to encourage active and quality participation that adds value and increases learning, the grade you earn will be higher as your participation and quality of content increases. Your initial post should be at least 250 words.. Please keep all reference if any under each discussion number. Reply to all discussion .


Team performance and productivity are dependent on the leader and the culture of the organization. Discuss the leadership style that made a team successful or unsuccessful. What was the reason(s) for success or failure? How did the organization’s culture help or hinder the team’s success or failure? You may want to consider a team where you were the leader or a member. 


Complete assigned reading.

How does your company or organization reward team performance? Are the teams rewarded as individual or as a team? Is the reward system equitable? Why or why not?


What are the pros and cons of having a diverse team? As a leader (or hypothetical leader), how would you structure a diverse team in order to have a creative and innovative team?


This week pick one concept of interest from the content and then:

Define it, explain its importance for leading teams, provide additional research to describe it, and share a work-related example to show how it would or should apply to the workplace.


Complete assigned reading: Content 6

Find a scholarly article or a TedTalk about team decision making. Discuss what you learned, how it will help you, and how you plan to implement it and help others implement it. Please note that you do not have to cite or do a reference. You should attribute. Attribution means that you give credit. For example, if you read an article written by Smith and you are discussing it, all you have to do is state, Smith mentioned (stated, talked, etc) in his article that…



How will you continue to increase your leadership activities to be a better participant or leader on a team? What has the course taught you that will help you? How?