Discussion Question

Assignment 1:

Pages 1-5 of the “MLK PPT” PowerPoint in Doc Sharing show Dr. King’s use of Rhetorical Appeals by color coding sections of the text. Pages 6-12 do not have these identifying color codes.


In your first posting you will need to identify a use of a rhetorical appeal somewhere in the text of pages 6-12. Pick some sentence, phrase, paragraph, word, etc., from any part of pages 6-12, and paste it into your posting. Then identify which kind of appeal it is (and explain why.)


There are plenty of uses of appeals in those pages so you will not have to duplicate the picks of another student. There is no word count minimum for this post, and it is due by the end of the day next Wednesday.


Assignment 2:

Pretend you are revising my paragraphs below about outsourcing. (And they do need revision!) Pick some part (phrase, sentence, word, etc.) and quote it, then tell us what you would do to correct or revise it (show us the corrected form.) You want the most effective use of words possible.


There is a lot to choose from so don’t duplicate choices. There is no word count minimum and it is due by the end of the day Wednesday.


“Outsourcing has negatively affected the middle class as it is a U.S. phenomenon; however, a solution is possible. The practice of outsourcing has been a major headache for average American workers. This past decade it has caused job losses. In all spheres of the every conceivable area of the work force.  The fear is that this practice may cause America to lose it’s position as a leader of the economic world. It has become a business strategy for companies to outsource there manufacturing offshore. Companys believe it increases productivity. It uses cheaper labor.

Outsourcing is a great business strategy. With today’s technological knowhow and the many different ways of communicating, companies are outsourcing their business. More than ever before. The workforce has become globalized and companies want to maximize their returns in investment. For this very reason, most American companies outsource their work because it is cheaper in places like China and India.

Barbara Ehrenreich one of the best-know journalists publishing social commentary in the United States today talks, about how Pasadena outsourcing includes local news, to India.  (Greene, 608). The local news site pasadenanow.com is recruiting reporters from India, as the web sight’s editor points out that he can get two Indian reporters for a mere $20,800 a year and points out they won’t have to commute from Deli. (Greene,608). Ehrenreich writes: that she can’t even complain about the quality of the news site outsourcing by Pasadenanow.com because one of the Indian reporters got their education in US college. In fact, one of the reports that was hired by pasadenanow.com has a degree from the Graduate school of Journalism from UC Berkeley. (Greene, 609). 

I am a supporter of globalization because I believe that the workforce has become part of the global economy and outsourcing in my view can also been seen as an empowering tool and a business strategy for firms to support developing economies and outsourcing has helped generate quality jobs in developing countries, this practice helps people in developing countries improve their standard of living. In the eighties, US companies began outsourcing the manufacturing of everything from garments to steel leaving whole cities and states to die. Just look at what happened to Detroit, the motor city.


The justification for outsourcing jobs was first seen as getting rid of mundane jobs and Americans, was encouraged to focus on education in order to remain world leaders. In the beginning nobody really complained about back office and call center jobs moving to India in the nineties it was until IT jobs started to move, that everyone stood up and took note.”

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