Cyberbullying Questions

For this assignment, you must answer the following question: Which is worse: traditional (in-person) bullying or cyberbullying? This question requires that you contrast traditional bullying and cyberbullying. Your essay should have a clear and focused thesis. Make sure your thesis answers the question. Also, you must come down on one side of the debate—you may NOT try to argue both sides! This assignment is also the outline for your research paper. Therefore, it is important that you are as thoughtful, thorough, and detailed as possible. Likewise, I would like you to incorporate your research: What quotations or information will go where? This will aid you as you’re actually writing your paper by making sure that you incorporate your research organically (letting the research help drive your ideas rather than writing a paper that you later try to force research into). Things to Remember You are CONTRASTING only. Discuss differences, not similarities. Concentrate on what is unique to each kind of bullying to figure out which one is worse.