Cultural Domin Impact


Overview: You will prepare a comprehensive essay discussing the impact of one domain of culture on the workplace, education, or counseling. This essay should be developed and delivered as though it were being given to an employer, educator, or counselor, respectively. For instance, I might prepare an essay on the role of students’ religions in university classrooms and curricula.

In this essay, you should draw on at least three peer-reviewed references and provide concrete recommendations to the hypothetical audience for engaging in culturally-sensitive and culturally-appropriate practices in their profession. Your essay should have a clear introduction to the domain of culture, review relevant research on the domain’s impact, and provide insightful and appropriate techniques to the hypothetical audience for addressing cultural differences. Your ultimate goal is to convince the audience that culture is impactful in their profession and that you have helpful insights into how they can navigate cultural differences competently.

Outline (and examples)

Introduction to domain. Example: common religious beliefs and why they are important to college students
Peer-reviewed research. Example: 3 sources on how religion affects students’ performance in class, evaluation of the classroom social climate, and mental health/adjustment to college
Recommendations/techniques (should be informed by reviewed research above). Example: implementation of support groups, religious clubs on campus, religious diversity in staff and faculty, all-faith conversations/symposia on campus, regular check-ins with students
Explanations/precedents for how these recommendations have been effective in other settings/other domains of culture. This is how you convince the hypothetical audience that they should listen to you!