Creating a Murder Crime Scene

Crime can be described as deviant behavior, either by omission or act, defined by a standard or statutory law as punishable. Most criminal activities require elements of intent or strict liability even when defendants have no specific mindset to criminal activity. The crime of focus for this discussion regards a homicide case. Riana Brown, a Twenty-five-year-old, divorced her husband Karl Brown three years after their marriage because of Riana’s unfaithfulness. Karl attempted to save the union because of the substantive investment he had made, but Riana opted to walk out of the marriage because of constant accusations.

Not long ago, Riana started dating Bobbie, a middle-aged man. Nonetheless, Karl still paid child support and Riana’s rent in their Texas home based on legal agreements. Riana was also living with her 14-year-old sister, Mary. On 2nd March 2020, on a Saturday evening around 5:00 PM, Riana engaged in an intensive exchange with Bobbie. Amid the feud, Bobbie threatened Riana that he would kill her. Later that evening, Mary wanted to go for Prom night. However, Riana refused to grant her permission, and this made Mary mad. In the early hours of the night, Mary sneaked out of the house to meet with friends, where they drove for the Prom night event.

Mary came back from Prom night and was dropped by her friends. Mary encountered a homicide scene. Riana was lying dead in one corner of the house with three gunshot wounds. Her two-year-old-son was found dead in the bedroom with several stabbing wounds. On all the victims, blood was still wet. The crime scene was heinous, including several blood splashes on the wall and the seats. Mary went and held Riana trying to wake her up. She also tried to find if Denver, Riana’s son, was breathing and removed the knife that was still stuck on Denver’s chest. She screamed heavily when the blood splashed out onto her dress. Victoria, their neighbor, heard the voice and came running into the house. She found Mary in a panic, and they all called the Texas Police Department. The scene was taped to control access and further investigation.

The Texas Police Department reported on the crime scene on Sunday at 6:30 AM. Mary explained how she had escaped to the Prom night and later came back to meet the ordeal. However, she was apprehended for having blood stains on her clothes. Karl Brown and Bobbie were also called in for questioning at the Texas Department. A few neighbors were also called for questioning. Later that Sunday afternoon, a neighbor named Lupin went to the police station to provide witness testimony. He noted that he heard Riana argue with someone inside the house in the middle of the night. However, as he was preparing to leave for work, Lupin saw a middle-aged man walk out of the house in a hurry and sped into the morning darkness. 

On Monday, 4th March, Karl and Bobbie were recalled into the police station for further questioning. They both looked stressed and filled with anxiety. Lupin and Mary’s schoolmates were also called for witness identification. Mary’s classmates unanimously confirmed that they had gone for the Prom night. Lupin identified Bobbie as the man who came out of Riana’s house in the early hours of the morning. Bobbie confessed to the murder, citing that he was suffering from psychopathic mental implications. Bobbie was arrested as the core person of interest in piecing the crime scene together. Detectives continued with the crime scene investigations for prosecution.