Create Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Plan

Create Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Plan. The goal for this assignment is to bring together everything you’ve worked on in this course to create a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Plan for your organization. Learners are asked to submit their DEIB Plan for a peer review, so please review for any confidential information you may need to omit before submitting. Using the template linked below, outline your DEIB Plan for your organization and discuss which items you have selected to work on as you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Looking at the big picture, what are the 2-3 areas you believe would have the most organizational impact as you create your DEIB strategy? When you successfully accomplish these, how will it alter or change the way people connect? What behaviors or conversations might shift? How can you capture some of those anecdotal stories to share with your leadership team? How will accomplishments be celebrated? Change occurs incrementally, so acknowledging the small “wins” provides encouragement and hope. Project Requirements Make sure to include the following sections: 1-Introduction 2-Overview of Inclusive Process Strategy 3-Stakeholders & Support 4-Focus Areas Checklist 5-Action Plan This assignment will be graded based on the following: 1-Plan includes all required sections 2-Plan identifies stakeholders and important contributors to engage in the process 3-Plan identifies 2-3 focus areas for most organizational impact 4-Plan determines specific actions to take for each focus area -Attached is a plan template.