Course Assignment – Globalization

Course Assignment -Globalization

Purpose of this assignment

To develop knowledge and understanding of the concept of globalization in light of global businesses and various global practices such as marketing and human resources. Students will critically evaluate the various challenges that organisations face with Globalization.

This assignment will help students to examine globalization which are able to transcend international borders. They will explore various cultural, regulatory and political issues that exist in transferring marketing strategies into different countries and the impact it can have on both consumers and the organisation.

Assignment Description

This Assignment covers the course objectives:

•       Understand and explain the concept of globalization

•       Describe the role of information technology in globalization

•       Understand the challenges and benefits of globalization

•       Identify the issues experienced by firms as they face a global economy

•       The influence of Digital technologies on globalizations and the way it affects the firm

•       The impact of globalization on marketing and human resources



Preparation guidelines

·         The report should be grammatically correct and word processed.

·         The written report must be presented in a professional manner, with FORM 1, front page, contents page, page numbering, bibliography and annexes.

·         Use the Font as Arial size 11 and 1.5 line spacing.

·         Identify any references and Use the Harvard referencing system/ APA style.

·         Complete the Form 1 page and sign the statement of authenticity.

·         You will pass the assignment only if you achieve all Pass criteria. Student must provide evidence that learning outcomes of the subject have been met.

·         Assignment will be checked for Plagiarism. Appropriate Actions may be taken as per College / Edexcel Plagiarism Policy.

Good practice

·         Make backup of your work in different media (hard disk, memory stick etc) to avoid distress for loss or damage of your original copy.

·         Make an extra hardcopy of your work submitted for your own reference or later use.




Research Paper


Choose a company or a brand of your choice in selected country or region and do research about it. In an essay paper of 5,000 words, you are required to address the below points in a paragraph form with subtitles. You are expected to thoroughly address each point, then reflect o points on the company or brand you chose.


  • Briefly introduce the concept of globalization and the local market.
  • Introduce the company, its history, and business area.
  • Explain the way globalization impacted market that you chose that the company operates in.
  • Explain the way globalization impacted the culture and traditions of the market that you chose.
  • Which culture impact view or type do you think this change brought? Explain.
  • Explain economic, political, and social impact of globalization in general.
  • How did globalization impact your company?
  • List the negative and positive effects that globalization had on your company’s business
  • How did globalization impact marketing strategies and communication for your company’s brands?
  • Explain the difference between the global and the local strategy and how are they reflected for your brand.
  • Describe the various marketing strategies that your company’s currently apply in the selected local market.
  • Explain the marketing strategies that your company employs: in-store, advertising channels (if any) and how different are they from international and why.
  • How differently would you manage or launch these marketing strategies?
  • How did globalization impact the human resource management and manpower for your company?
  • Do you believe that globalization had an impact on the culture at work and organizational behaviour at the company? Explain.
  • Conclude and provide recommendations your personal opinion on the impact of globalization in general, how it impacted your company and the country it operates in, and how do you see further develop.


Submission Format:

The submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in a concise, formal business style. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 5,000 words.



Assessment Criteria
80-100 60-80 40-60 20-40
·         Provides thorough and detailed explanations with precise examples of arguments.

·         Addresses each and every point and provides personal opinion or reflection on the point.

·         Effective use of credible resources to support arguments

·         Professionally written, proofread, and lake of grammatical or spelling mistakes

·         Brief explanations and some examples of arguments.

·         Addresses all the points briefly.

·         Use minimal resources to support arguments

·         Well-written, few of grammatical or spelling mistakes

·         Doesn’t address each point.

·         Doesn’t provide personal reflection on the addressed matter

·         Very limited used of resources

·         Not written with professionalism with multiple grammatical or spelling mistakes

·         Missing a lot of points

·         Doesn’t provide deep analysis or examples

·         Doesn’t include personal recommendations

·         Very limited used of resources

·         Lots of grammatical or spelling mistakes