Contemporary Literature

Final Exam- Contemporary Literature
Task: Please complete two of the short answer questions and one of the essay questions below.

Content: Make sure each of your points supports your argument and explain it thoroughly. Think ‘how’ or ‘why’ to
explain your reasons. Be clear in your responses.
Style: Follow all grammar and style guidelines. Titles of poems and short stories need to be in quotes: “Orientation”.
For in text citation, please include the page number after the direct quote: (15).
Delivery: Upload the final exam to Canvas
for all answers, use different examples/stories than those used for your paper
Short Answer (50 points):
Task: Complete two of the following short answer question. Include the question number at the beginning of your
Format: Your response should be at least a paragraph. Include in your response an opening sentence explaining
your argument, a supporting claim from the story (direct quote needed), and a sentence explaining how this
supports your argument.

  1. Who do you think is the speaker of “Orientation” by Orozco and why?
  2. Appearance is discussed throughout “Nineteen Fifty Five.” What is Walker stating about physical
  3. How is Sarah “dead” in “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story”?
  4. In “Barbie-Q”, Ciseneros is alluding to the way beauty is represented in society. What is she stating?
  5. Identify and describe the conflict in “Marie” by Jones.
  6. How does the setting affect Neil in “Territory”?
  7. What is the author stating about home in “Boys”?
  8. What is LeGuin stating about guilt in “The Ones who Walked Away From Omelas”?
  9. Which character grows in “The Man to Send Rain Clouds?”
  10. What is Walker stating about heritage in “Everyday Use”?
  11. What is the main conflict in “The Wife’s Story?
    Essay (100 points):
    Task: Complete one of the following questions in essay format.
    Format: Your response should be at least five paragraphs. Include in your response an introduction explaining your
    argument (thesis), three supporting arguments with supportive details (quotes) from the story for each argument,
    and a concluding paragraph summarizing your argument. Remember to include the title of the stories. Explain your
    answer using different stories from your short answers and paper. Include which number you are answering at the
    beginning of your answer.
  12. If you had to choose one theme (overall message/topic) that dominated this time period, what would you
    choose and why?
  13. What will future generations say/understand about our contemporary literature? (Values, tone, etc.)
  14. Choose one story to recommend to a friend who has never read it. What would you tell them are the most
    important parts to understand from a literary stance (theme, setting, etc.)? why?

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