BMAL 504 – Leading Organizational Change; Consulting Proposal Assignment

Consulting Proposal Assignment #1, BMAL 504 – Leading Organizational Change

Student Name

Liberty University

BMAL 504 – Leading Organizational Change

Definition of Project:







Diagnosis of Current Situation:















Implementation Plan:







Note the following as you prepare your consulting proposal:

  • Your proposal should include each of the above sections (do not combine sections).
  • A reference page is also required.
  • You may include additional sections in the proposal if they add value and are relevant to the assignment.
  • Format, citations, and references should conform to the latest edition of APA.
  • Make sure you support your recommendations with citations from peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Include a timeline with steps or phases when preparing your implementation section. Remember that the implementation is not a restatement of the recommendations, but details on how you would implement them in the organization.