Consequence analysis

Human Impact

An evaluation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA cited that there have been three death claims in Newport news shipbuilding. The incident occurred on July 12. The main cause of the accident was the lack of adequate training for employees who work in confined spaces. There is also a claim that the confined spaces contain dangerous gases. The three killed in the event are Roosevelt Eure Jr., 42, and James Morris Jr., 40, and Richard Thompson, who was working in Truman’s forward pump room. There is also the likelihood of more human impact due to lack of training and the conflicting view between OSHA and shipyard spokeswoman Jerri Fuller Dickseski who stated that the shipyard is very committed to providing good training to its employees. Several activities can lead to the release of hazardous material. An example is the welding process which involves heating and manipulating metal. The hazardous materials released in this process include manganese, cadmium, chromium, zinc oxides, iron oxides, cadmium, nitrogen dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen (Natalie, et al., 2015). Other activities include painting activity which leads to hazardous air pollution, and the cleaning activity leads to hazardous wastes in the form of solvents, thinners, and acids. One of the human impacts arising from this is neurological conditions. The mitigation of these effects is attributed to The Chemical Waste Treatment Plant and Oily Waste Treatment Facilities at Newport News Shipbuilding.

Economic impact

The key threats are crime rate, cyber security and environmental factors. The crime rate around the plant is relatively high. However, there has been no incident that has affected the plant or equipment. On cybercrime, the effect has been felt as the company has faced major attempts. An attempt was noted in 2019, which involved the APT10 group, which tried to access the cloud service used by Newport News Shipyard. A possible successful attack could lead to catastrophic outcomes as the attackers can access critical information about the US military. An example of a system that could have been compromised is the electronic catapult system. The attack could have contaminated the system, and the attack will be able to locate all US vessels and access private communication. Lastly is the environmental damage which is attributed to climate change. The plant has faced nine major floods which have damaged equipment (Hensley, 2018). An example is Hurricane Mathew which cost the plant 1.2 million dollars in repair.

Examine the impact on public confidence

The plant has been successful in avoiding some of the major attacks. This indicates a positive outlook for the plant. Also, the policy on restricting access to confidential information has helped in building reputation and public confidence.

Examine the impact on government capability

The incidences of the cyber-attack indicate a negative impact on national security. The United States and China have had direct confrontation through trade wars and the issue of copyrights and trademarks. A successful attack means that China has direct access to national security strategies. The federal government is in charge of international security, and hence the attack on the plant by the Chinese agency has a major impact on the federal government. The response used is based on both international and national policies and will impact public confidence. The impact on local government is based on the ability to reduce the crime rate in the region. The threat analysis indicated that Newport News is safer than only 14% of United States’ cities. The crime rate per thousand residents is 30.94, which is relatively high (Newport News, 2021). The capability of local government is evaluated based on the ability to mitigate this risk. Inability to effectively address this will low the confidence level and reduce the probability of re-election. Lastly is on the criminal and civil legal liabilities. Cybercrime is classified as a criminal offence. Therefore, the legal liabilities are based on criminal charges for offences committed via the Internet.

Level of consequences

  • The human impact 4
  • The economic impact 7
  • Impact on public confidence 6
  • Impact on government capability 8


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