Computer simulation assignment Using Flexsim Software…

Flexsim assignment-1


Create a Flexsim model for a stylist shop that is open for 24 hours in a mall that is always open.

Scenario 1: Customers arrive according to a uniform distribution of unif(10,20) minutes. A single stylist works on a customer for unif(15,30) minutes. Run the model for an initial 10 replications. Figure out how many replications are needed so that the standard deviation of the average wait time in the queue is 10% of the mean. Run the simulation for that number of replications to get the average wait time in the queue.

Scenario 2: This is the same as Scenario 1, but the shop has an opportunity to hire a new stylist who works unif(10,25) minutes.

Compare the two scenarios to see which, if any, statistically significantly reduces the wait time in the queue (i.e., reject the null hypothesis). Use the Flexsim Experimenter.

Include Experimenter screen shots in a Word file along with your answer about statistical significance. Also, in the Word file, show how you determined the number of replications.


Flexsim Assignment-2

We can learn a lot by creating FlexSim models to address cases. But we learn a great deal by studying the FlexSim files themselves.

The answer files for these three FlexSim book exercises are included above. Choose exercises to study with simulations to support your answer.

  1. Read the exercise and examine the corresponding file answer until you understand how the FlexSim model works.
  2. Then, in a double-spaced, 1- or 2-page Word document, explain how the FlexSim model addresses the example specifications. Details matter. You will want to show that you completely understand how the model works.
  3. Name the file LastName-Eval7-2.

You may include a link to a video you create (not the video file itself) in the Word document if you wish.

There are many ways to create a model for any situation. The answer files you see here are but one way. See if you can figure out how they work to reflect the example specifications. Assume the reader of your paper (i.e., your instructor) fully understands the example case. You need only explain how the given model works. A good way to do this is to follow the movement of flow items through the model and explain the rationale and what the logic code does behind the model’s objects.

You do not need to provide any outside research sources.

Complete and submit one of the three exercises to study with simulations to support your answer:

  • Chapter 11 and continuing into Appendix 11, Exercise 11-1: Keggler’s Brew OR
  • Chapter 11 and continuing into Appendix 11, Exercise 11-2: Chairs for Tots OR
  • Chapter 12 and continuing into Appendix 12, Exercise 12-1: Hilltop Steel

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