Comparison of Two Contemporary Spaces

Skills assessed: research and writing; critical analysis. Length: 2000 words of text, 6-10 photos, sketches, plans and/or elevations For this project, you will focus on two contemporary spaces. When choosing them, think about spaces that will provide an interesting comparison – they could be contrasting spaces of the same type (for example, two differently designed bars), or they could be different types of space that are similar (for example, a café that shares similarities with a fashion boutique). It is easiest to write about a space that is carefully designed rather than a generic store (such as Officeworks or 7-Eleven). Your aim is to create a comparative study that engages with the theoretical ideas we have covered this semester. Arm yourself with as much theoretical ammunition as possible so you can approach these spaces with a critical mind! You must decide on your spaces by week 8 – we will discuss initial ideas that week. Structure your ideas logically, using images (photos, sketches, plans or elevations) to support your text. Make sure you make clear connections between images and text by referring to the images specifically. Think carefully about how you are going to structure your paper – begin planning early. Below is a possible structure: Introduction Begin your writing with a strong introductory paragraph which introduces your two spaces, their function and significance, as well as any other general information you can find out (where they are located, who designed them, when they were designed – though you may not be able to find out all of these). Establish an overall theme that links the two spaces. Interior Space Begin by clearly describing the interiors so your reader has an idea of what they look like. Use your illustrations (photographs, diagrams or plans) to support your description. Compare and contrast the two interior spaces, analysing their major differences and/or similarities. Analyse the design elements that give each space its character, such as materials, colours, lighting, furniture, fixtures, and other major features or spatial divisions. Spatial Qualities Compare and contrast how the designers of each of these spaces has created a particular atmosphere – how would you describe it, and which of the design elements you’ve identified adds to the creation of this atmosphere? How do the designed elements affect our senses (remember back to our discussions about phenomenology)? Social and Political Qualities Interior spaces are designed with people in mind! How do people use the space? What kind of people (i.e. the demographic) use the space? How are people included or excluded from your space? How do the main design elements you have discussed above effect the users of the space? Conclusion Finally, end your writing with a strong concluding paragraph that sums up the main points that you have made. Finish with an original conclusion not only about these two spaces, but what your analysis suggests about contemporary interior design. Don’t forget to include a complete bibliography at the end. **you need to refer to the reading ‘In the Mi(d)st Of’ (attached file) in your writing too** >>>>The selected places are Aesop and Kitty Burns (links below)<<<< Aesop, Sydney: Kitty Burns, Abbotsford: