COM 201 sem211 Assessment #3

COM 201 sem211 Assessment #3


Read the scenario below and decide what communication problems are shown. There may be more than one.  Then, write 1 paragraph (about 150-200 words) explaining the actions, using vocabulary/ideas from the textbook.  Include necessary definitions of the vocabulary (prove you know and understand the idea) and include an example of the idea that is separate from the scenario below. 

NOTE: You will need to use COM vocabulary on the assessment to get a good result. You can use your COM Textbook and any material on our LMS. (No other sources are allowed – and will be severely penalized.) Direct copying of any source is a violation of PSU regulations.

Write your answer on a Word document and then submit it to the Turnitin link on the LMS. 

Your score is determined by this rubric (and converted to a % score).

DEADLINE: Saturday October 9 at 23:59pm. Work submitted late (even 1 second late) will NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

4-5 Marks Answer shows both accurate recall and ability to interpret and apply the concept(s) and vocabulary – evidenced by originality, examples and paraphrasing2-3 Marks Answer shows accurate recall of information, but little or no interpretation is made – inflexible – -answer appears to be memorized or copied, vocabulary too general1 Mark Answer shows partial recall or partial understanding  – answer is incomplete or not focused on the right area – noticeably shorter than required0 Marks Answer does not reflect understanding of the concept or the vocabulary needed to discuss the question


Joe is watching a soccer game on his phone when Paul comes up to talk to him, saying he has a problem he needs to tell someone about. Joe isn’t very interested. Paul always seems to have problems, and Joe is tired of them. So whatever it is this time can’t be very important. As Paul keeps talking, Joe nods his head and says “yeah…uh huh” but he’s not really paying attention. Then he sees Paul’s face: Paul looks like he’s about to cry. Joe realizes that Paul is talking about how his mother is very sick in the hospital. Joe puts his phone on the table and listens to Paul. He thinks about offering Paul some advise, but he knows that not what Paul needs. Suddenly from the cell phone they hear “GOAAAL!” and Joe picks up his phone again.

In your response (about 200 words), define Listening. Then Define / Describe the type of listening demonstrated above. Finally, include an example from your personal experience.

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