Co-production report

Co-production Report. This report is a 1500-word assessment. You are required to produce a report (in a literature review format) of the impact of PCPI involvement in health care education, improvement or research. This second summative assessment carries a weighting of 60%.

This summative assessment covers the following Learning Outcomes for this module:

  • Evaluate historical and contemporary approaches, policy and models of patient engagement in health and care settings, critically reviewing issues including tokenism, meaningfulness and parity of involvement.
  • Critically review their own specialty in relation to PCPI approaches, values and practices.
  • Examine approaches to co-production in patient care, analysing enablers and barriers to embedding these in practice.
  • Critically examine models of engagement of service users in the education of practitioners, including programme design, delivery, assessment and evaluation.
  • Examine policy, approaches and evidence in relation to patient involvement in research and service improvement in order to inform change in practice.


Ensure that when you are writing your essay, that you have covered these 5 Learning Outcomes.


You must use your critical thinking and writing skills, and a variety of sources (journal articles, books etc). Citation and referencing must be done using the Harvard method.


The Submission deadline for this assignment Week 8.

Submission is in CANVAS (Via Turnitin) as a word document.


The first 2 pages must include the following information as specified in the module guide:


Title Page:


  • Student Name
  • Student Number
  • Module title and code
  • Date of submission
  • Actual word count (this excludes the reference list)


Second page:


A Statement from you confirming that the submitted assessment is your own work.


I[insert your own name], student number  [insert your UoS student number here]


Confirm the assignment for module HNU [Insert module number here] is my own work and has not been submitted for any other assessed work


Signed ………………………. Date……………………….



Please use the following formatting: 


  • double line spacing
  • Font: Arial size 12
  • Left alignment of main text
  • No indentation of paragraphs or of the reference list
  • Reference list should be formatted with single line spaces.


Your work should be set out in a reportformat withappropriate headings/subheadings.



Reference List:


  • Does not contribute to your word count
  • A reference should be included for all in-text citations, a reference list should be included at the end in Harvard referencing style
  • Use single line spacing and begin on a new page
  • Use Cite them Rite and contact library for support if necessary


The main body of your work should:


  • Present main aspects and arguments in a structured manner
  • Use a new paragraph to introduce and discuss different concepts/points
  • Demonstrate your skills in searching, citing and critically analysing relevant literature
  • Use your writing to demonstrate your academic writing skills
  • Include critical analysis of the supporting literature
  • Use in-text citations correctly and make sure your reference list is accurate
  • Proofread your work for spelling and grammar. You are marked on these as well as on the structure and content of your paper.



Useful things to remember:


  • The paper should be written in the same tense throughout


  • Always write in the third person


  • When completing your essay please check your work against the marking criteria as these are what your work will be marked against.


  • This assignment is assessing your knowledge and understanding of the implications of your chosen report on nursing practice and healthcare service delivery. Your critical thinking and critical writing skillsare also being assessed.


  • Write in paragraphs with a standard essay structure: Introduction, main body of work, conclusion.


  • Use the complete word allowance. There is a 10% allowance either side of the 1500 words. Refer to the policy on penalties for exceeding the word limit.


  • Any literature you use should be carefully cited and referenced using the Harvard method. Use Cite them Right for support. If you use direct quotes, remember to include quotation marks and page numbers.