CMNS 401 Assignment 1—Context and Historical Development

Length: 800–900 words (approximately three pages single-spaced)

Format: Short essay. All sources must be cited in-text and included in a reference list following an academic format such as APA.


The readings in these two units have provided several perspectives on cultural policy as it has evolved at the international, national, and local levels. This assignment asks you to write a short essay synthesizing shared themes and ideas (please note the Key Words in each unit as a guide) and/or contrasting the perspectives presented and noting differences in interpretation between the readings, in answer to the questions:

How have Canadian definitions of culture changed since the federal government first began to provide support for the arts, culture, and heritage, and how has the administration of cultural policy adapted to these changes?

In your essay, provide at least one brief in-text citation for each of your main points drawn from the readings, e.g., (Author) or if using a direct quote (Author, p. x). Provide a reference list corresponding to these sources.

Do not focus on summarizing each separate reading; as a guide, consider these questions:

  • What was the level of federal government involvement in culture prior to World War I? What was the main focus or goals of this involvement?
  • What are the main models of cultural policy that have evolved in the post-World War II period on an international level? What ideas or ideals have influenced these trends?
  • Where do Canada’s policy models fit within these broad frameworks?