Cloud Computing Assessment

Cloud Computing Assessment 1

Outcomes covered 1, 2 and 3; Assessment instructions

You are required to produce a formal report of approximately 1,000 words based on the case study detailed below.


The report is in three sections; you will be expected to carry out research and provide information on cloud computing fundamentals, cloud computing models and an outline cloud strategy for the company.


The assessment is open-book, however any resources used in the production of the report must be suitably referenced at the end of the report.


Case study scenario


AMG Developments are a small to medium sized company with a main office based in London and an additional office in Manchester.


The company started off in business in 1998, originally owning a small wine bar and nightclub. The company has since grown and now owns a few bars, additional property and fitness facilities in the Manchester area.


Since 2000, the operational manager has been in charge of IT developments, hiring additional staff for technical tasks as and when needed. There are currently 10 PCs in both offices in London and Manchester (20 in total) with internet access.


Historically, company files were stored locally on each PC; however in 2005 a Windows 2003 server was installed and used only as a file server. Just recently, the file server has been problematic; it has been crashing a lot and has been running out of disk space, critical files have also been lost. When company files need shared, staff in Manchester has to e-mail them to staff in London.

Company directors have heard about cloud computing, but don’t know much about it. They are especially interested in storage and collaborative aspects. You have been hired by the company to provide a short report on the characteristics of cloud computing, demonstrate basic features and provide recommendations with regards to costs.






Part 1 — Cloud computing fundamentals


Identify and provide a brief description of each of the following:


Common IT resources associated with cloud computing (100 words)  
Specific components associated within cloud computing (100 words)  
Concepts of Virtualisation (100 words)  



Part 2 — Cloud delivery and deployment models


Identify and provide a brief description of each of the following:


Cloud services (100 words)  
Public, community, private and hybrid clouds (150 words)  



Part 3 — Devise and implement a cloud strategy


Identify and provide a brief description of each of the following:


Cloud computing security and management issues (100 words)  
The difference between closed and open source cloud vendors  (100 words)  
Commentary and brief demonstration of how the company is able to utilise cloud services within the company (150 words)  
Provide initial costings and recommendations for the company  (100 words)