CJ 682 Module Five Worksheet

Critical Infrastructure Name: The Newport News Shipbuilding

Column A: Factor Column B: Rating
0 = no risk
5 = maximum risk Column C: Explanation

  1. Level of visibility 2 The Newport News Shipbuilding existence as a public company but not well known to many other than shipping companies as stakeholders and clients.
  2. Criticality of the target to the jurisdiction 5 The company is the sole manufacturer of advanced ships and aircraft careers in the US, which means it is of critical usefulness to the government. It is also a leading employer in Mississippi and Virginia.
  3. Impact outside of the jurisdiction 3 While it is the only company on its kind in the US, it contributes just little to the economy. Besides, there are global competitors.
  4. The potential threat element’s level of access to the target 3 Security is moderate with controlled access of visitors. It also employs a series of internet security controls to prevent cyber-attack. The controlled access is attributed to the nature of clients including the US Military.
  5. Existence of weapons of mass destruction 1 Although it develops nuclear-powered engines/systems, the WMD are controlled, and only used positively.
  6. Potential site population capacity 4 The company has over 20,000 employees working for the company in site.
  7. Potential for collateral mass casualties 1 The site is located in highly populated zone, which means a nuclear accident from its nuclear power projects can affect a meaningful area affecting outsiders. The number of casualties could be as high as over 100 considering such closeness to local residences and officers.

Raw Score: Add up ratings for factors 1–7 and enter the total in box A on the right. A – 19
Man-Made (Terrorist) Vulnerability Assessment Rating: Convert the raw score (above) using a rating key (below). Enter this number in box B on the right. You will use this rating number as the vulnerability assessment value in the risk assessment calculation in the Module Six Worksheet. B
Rating Key: Convert the total score to a rating number from 1 to 12 using the key below. Transfer the final rating to box B.

• 0–2 pts. = 1
• 3–5 pts. = 2
• 6–8 pts. = 3
• 9–11 pts. = 4
• 12–14 pts. = 5
• 15–17 pts. = 6
• 18–20 pts. = 7
• 21–23 pts. = 8
• 24–26 pts. = 9
• 27–29 pts. = 10
• 30–32 pts. = 11
• 33–35 pts. = 12 7

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