Civil War Questions

2.Why did many Americans criticize the Mexican War? How did they see expansion as a threat to American Liberties?

3.How did western expansion affect the sectional tensions between the North and South?

4.Why did Stephen Douglas, among others, believe that “popular sovereignty” could resolve sectional divisions of the 1850’s? Why did the idea not work? Eamples?!

5.What do the California gold rush and the opening of Japan reveal about the United States’ involvement in a global economic system?

6.What made the American Civil War the first modern war?

7.How was the North’s victory over the South tied to the different ways the market revolution had developed in the two regions?

8.Describe how President Lincoln’s war aims evolved between 1861 and 1863.

9.How did the actions of slaves themselves, northern military strategy, and Emancipation Proclamation combine to end slavery?

10.What role did blacks play in winning the Civil War and in defining the War’s consequences?

What was the impact of the Civil War on civil liberties?

11.In what ways did the outcome of the Civil War change the United States’ status in the world?