Civil and Criminal Litigation problem question: OSCOLA REFERNCING

Civil and Criminal Litigation problem question:  OSCOLA REFERNCING

You are a solicitor in the firm Welch & Co. You are instructed by Donna Osei. Donna is a twenty-eight-year-old train driver, earning £550 net per week. She was injured on the 04/01/2022.


The facts are that Donna was shopping in Jones & Co, an interior design shop. Donna saw a mirror she really liked. The mirror was on lying flat on the third shelf up. After waiting 13 minutes for an assistant, Donna reached up to pull the mirror out so she could see it more clearly. Unfortunately, due to the way the mirrors were stacked, when she pulled the mirror out, the whole display collapsed and fell on her head and body. A heavy shelf struck her arm and foot. The falling glass also cut her as she fell onto the floor.


Donna was injured sustaining cuts and bruises, a fractured forearm and thumb. Donna was cut on the forehead and she has been left with a two-centimeter scar that she covers with a fringe. The blood from her bleeding face dripped onto her designer jacket and blouse from Fendi (worth £625.00), and her Tag Heuer watch (worth £1,495), was smashed when she fell to the floor. Donna was off work for a total of 10 weeks.


Write a letter to Donna, advising her as to whether she might have a claim for personal injury under the circumstances. Be sure to include both the legal and the procedural issues that arise from the facts above. Include in your answer any offers to settle that may be put forward on her behalf. Please treat this as a first letter to the client, so please consider and include any client care information that you deem relevant.