Change Management in Digital Transormation

Assignment #2: Research Assignment #2 – Change Management in Digital Transformation Individual Situation: Your organization is undergoing a significant IT initiative and needs a change management plan. Using the best practices in change management and project management, construct a plan to transform the organization from a paper based to a digital based organization. Part 1: The CEO wants to understand the scope of Knowledge Management System impact to the organization. The paper will provide answers to: • Executive Summary • Table of Contents • Introduction • Explanation of change and project management • Describe the change process to be used and various issues • Make recommendations • Conclusion Requirements: • This is an individual project • The project will be written in APA 7th edition format. • There is no minimum or maximum length. The key to the paper is the completeness and thoroughness to meeting the content of the paper. • Diagram and tables in the paper are encouraged. They can be incorporated into the body of the paper. • The paper is a research-based consulting paper. The tone and style must be appropriate. • Follow best practices for writing a consulting paper. • A minimum of 5 academic peer reviewed, or academic industry journals, periodical sources from UCW must be used. In addition a minimum of 10 non-academic sources from industry websites, or industry experts (see example list in links in Week 0) must be used. Wikipedia, Coursehero, Chegg, Panmore, UK Essay are not acceptable sources. • Turnitin score must be less than 5% within the body of the paper.