CASE STUDY #3 Acute Care

A 68-year-old man has taken diltiazem for his hypertension and his chronic angina for more than 5 years. He suffers a mild myocardial infarction and during his stay in the hospital, he is taken off diltiazem and placed on a regimen that includes captopril, carvedilol, and aspirin.

What is the rationale for taking this patient off diltiazem? What is its (Diltiazem) mechanism of action?

What is the rationale for placing this patient on captopril during his stay in the hospital?

What is captopril’s mechanism of action?

What are the differences between systolic and diastolic dysfunction?

What is the rationale for starting this patient on carvedilol?

What is Carvedilol’s mechanism of action?

Explain how the pathophysiology of an MI.

Explain the mechanism of action of Aspirin and its role in the prevention of Cardiovascular disease.