Case Assignment, Self-Reflection Essay, Signature Assignment

Writing instructions
There are three assignments in this order (CASE ASSIGNMENT (5 pages), SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT (9 pages) and SELF REFLECTIVE ESSAY (2 pages). The CASE ASSIGNMENT which covers Modules 1-4 and then the SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT which covers all the modules (1-8). See attached and follow the instructions as outlined. For this Case Assignment you will begin developing a research proposal. This may be related to the research questions you have been discussing. However, it may also be something entirely new that you have an interest in pursuing. Please note the above. My area of interest is: Trauma in Mental Health Facilities for Young Adults in the United States. Attached are also the readings for the course (this assignment covers MODULES 1-4 only so the rest of the readings would be irrelevant at this point). Once completing the CASE ASSIGNMENT, you’ll see that the SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT refers to that to complete it: “The Signature Assignment will advance the work you submitted for your Case Assignment through a discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of different research methods.” Please make sure to take this into account and please contact me at any point with any questions. Finally as part of this assignment there should be a SELF REFLECTIVE ESSAY (see attached). Please contact me prior to starting with any questions. Thanks