Two cases analysis

In these two cases it requires that you apply concepts and frameworks recently discussed in class to develop two case analyses which offer actionable recommendations to senior management. Each should employ the following analytic lens: Case Analytic Lenses 1. Giant Foods (Chapter 13) • Fair Information Practices and/or PAPA\ 2. TripIt: The Traveler’s Agent (Chapter 5) • Network effect Your analysis should be written to the executive team at the case organization. You should describe the key management challenges in the case and set a good foundation for your recommendations using the grammar, ideas, and concepts of the intended analytic lens. Where necessary, you must educate the case organization’s executive team regarding the analytic frameworks, concepts, and terminology they must understand to make informed decisions on your recommendations. Stand on the facts from the case and the recommended analytic lens to build your recommendations. Fact-based analysis that builds on well-understood theory is far more compelling than conjecture or speculation (e.g., I think, in my opinion, I believe). Your analyses should synthesize the salient events/challenges/issues/opportunities that present themselves in the cases. Your argument should take the form of a narrative which encompasses these areas: 1. Current Situation (facts) – A brief description of the circumstances, factors, and/or conditions impacting the case organization at the time the case was written which are relevant to your analysis and recommendations. Remember, your audience (top management at the firm) will already know the organization’s background and history. Do not repeat it here. 2. Problems and Opportunities (factual analysis) – Analyze the evidence in the case to identify key challenges/opportunities. 3. What Actions Should be taken (recommendations) – Recommend specific actions management should take to address the challenges/opportunities you have identified. Your analysis should justify (and motivate) your recommendations. Please note, your recommendations should be focused and actionable (rather than generalizations or calls for the organization to undertake additional research). Each analysis should be no more than three pages in length. The two cases could be related to this analytical lenes “Network effect, Fair Information Practices, PAPA, Strategic alignment, IT planning, IT budgeting, Security Privacy and ethics, and Electronic commerce The cases are attached in files, each case should be three pages all this is required for Information System in Organizations course in business administration Master’s MBA all those cases are from this book used as references if needed : Information Systems for Managers: With Cases 4th edition (v3.0 and 3.1 can also be supported) By: Gabriele Piccoli, Federico Pigni