Can someone answer discussion questions?


Trends Discussion – Identify and discuss a minimum of two policing concepts encompassing past, current, and future trends. (Example:  If discussing medicine; past, present, and future trends exist relating to trauma care (stabilization and basic treatment with high mortality; stabilization with emergency treatment and reduced mortality, stabilization, emergency treatment and surgery prep during transport to prepared trauma centers – low mortality), and past, present, and future trends exist relating to doctor-patient practice (home visits; office visits; telecommunication visits).




Team Deliverable:  Identify an important future trend related to policing and why it is important.




 Crime Control Discussion – Identify and discuss a minimum of two crime control theories. Rational choice theory and Labeling theory




Identify and discuss crime control model practices and due process model practices.




Team Deliverable:  Defend or oppose the following statement:  Crime control and Due Process are oppositional and a reason police violence against the public is increasing.




What would happen if policing organizations failed to successfully analyze and plan for the future based on past and present trends?


How do these theories impact the actual implication of policing by criminal justice professionals?


 The theories are in green and questions in yellow.


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