bibliographic research paper about an intercultural communication

Hi, 1) I need a 3 pages of bibliographic research paper about intercultural communication such as high context and low context countries, societies by cultures. And how the topic relates to concepts covered during the course as we followed. The book we use in this course: “An introduction to Intercultural Communications” 10th edition, Fred E. Jandth. ***** If there is a need I can take a picture of the pages that refer to the topic of high and low-context culture. 2) citing sources is APA form. your textbook and/or external sources and how your chosen topic relates to concepts covered throughout the course.

Hi, I’ve attached 2 files: 1) pdf of the book that I’ve followed in this class for the use of the writer whom will need to refer to concepts I covered,; that’s the way the instructor wants me to do; pls. see chapters related to High vs Low Context culture, countries, socities etc.- how culture affect perception. 2) Also, I am sending and article regarding to the topic that writer might use it for this assignment. So overall I’ve uploaded two files. Thank you.