Behavioral therapy homework help

Week 2

 Albert Bandura on Behavior Therapy, Self-Efficacy, and Modeling

Description: In this 2-minute clip, Albert Bandura discusses how the Bobo doll experiments led to changes in behavioral intervention

Prompts to Consider:

  • How did the Bobo doll experiments lead to changes in treatment?
  • What are the three elements Bandura saying that you need to change the society?

   Treating Children with Mental Disorders

Description: This 17-minute story describes one family’s path in the treatment of a child with bipolar disorder.

Prompts to Consider

  1. Describe this family’s journey. Do you think that the ups and downs are inevitable in this type of situation or would better treatment have helped?
  2. Dr. Williamson discusses how to recognize the signs of serious issues. What are these?
  3. Dr. Williamson addresses concerns about the treatment of African American children with mental health issues. Describe these.