Assessment Paper Detail

The short research essay aims to test student skills in knowledge (Demonstrate an understanding of key events and themes which shaped the European Middle Ages, and their historical significance.) and analysis of historical problems (Examine a historical issue and consider how it might be variously interpreted in scholarship). Furthermore, it examines student ability to construct and support arguments based on evidence and offers the opportunity to refine research and referencing skills (Refine proficiency in the use of footnotes and the compilation of a bibliography). The short essay should use a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources (no websites). In addition to your own research, see 7.3 below for some suggestions on general texts available on Findit or in St. Ben’s library. Other suggestions are located on the weekly instruction pages in the course reader on Blackboard.

The essay must be submitted by the published due date, be fully referenced, (The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago) 17th edition – Notes and bibliography version for footnoting style and no other referencing style but CHICAGO is acceptable for history).


Research ONE of the following themes in the context of mediaeval society: power, faith, poverty, gender, childhood, chivalry, war, fate, fortune, identity, antiquity, wealth, science, astrology, climate, vengeance, sexuality, femininity, masculinity, fidelity, marriage, justice, avarice, sin, pride, social order, humour, happiness, morality, or sustenance, and then answer the following questions:

i) What was the mediaeval attitude(s) to your chosen theme?

ii) Does Chaucer’s representation of your theme in The Canterbury Tales coincide with your findings?

iii) Can Chaucer’s text be considered a reliable historical source for mediaeval history?

The following formatting/presentation specifications must be followed for assignment submissions:

 · For essays, state the question as the title at the top of the first page.

· Font style and size: 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri (10 point for footnotes)

· Margin size, paper size and orientation: 2.54cm (Word default)

· Line spacing: 1.5 or Double

 · Bibliography on a separate page (put bibliography at top of page; do not use bullet points or dashes before each entry, must be in alphabetical order according to surname).

 · Page numbers bottom right of page

 · Indent and single space quotations longer than three lines (no italics on any quotations)

 · A copy of assignment must be retained by the student

· You need to submit an electronic copy of all written work via the relevant link on Blackboard under Assessment.