Unit Code:  DSAA204
Unit Title: Data Structure and Algorithms
Type of Assessment: Assessment 4- Content Analysis (Reflective Journal)
Length/Duration:2500 words
Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of data structures and algorithms. Demonstrate reasoning about efficiency of algorithms. Assess and apply suitable recursive data structures and  algorithms to IT systems and applications.                                                   
Submission Date:Week 14
Assessment Task:Students are required to analyse the lecture materials of Weeks 1 to 11 and create concise content analysis. This will include summaries of the theoretical concepts contained in the course lecture slides, covering definitions, analysis and examples.
Total Mark:40 Marks


Students are required to analyse the weekly lecture material of weeks 1 to 11 and create concise content analysis summaries of the theoretical concepts contained in the course lecture slides. 

Where the lab content or information contained in technical articles from the Internet or books helps to fully describe the lecture slide content, discussion of such theoretical articles or discussion of the lab material should be included in the content analysis.

The document structure is as follows (2500 Words): 

  1. Title Page 
  2. Introduction and Background (150 words)
  3. Content analysis (reflective journals) for each week from 1 to 11 (2300 words; around 210 words per week):
    1. Theoretical Discussion 
      1. Topics Covered
      1. Definitions and/or basic plans for Data Structure/Algorithm learnt in the lecture.
      1. Mathematical Analysis
    1. Reflection on the Contents
      1. Demonstrate understanding of the data structure/algorithm learnt in the lecture by applying it on one of your own examples.
    1. Outcome 
      1. What was the most important concept learnt?  ii. How that concept (data structure/ algorithm) improves your knowledge in relation the concepts learnt in the earlier lectures.
  4. Conclusion (50 words)

Your report must include: 

  • At least five references, out of which, three references must be from academic resources.
  • Harvard Australian referencing for any sources you use. 
  • Refer to the Academic Learning Skills student guide on Referencing.


Students will be awarded marks based on following criteria

Marking Criteria Marks  
Theoretical Discussion  (Topics, definitions, analysis)Content precisely presented based on references  3+6+3=12    32 marks
Outcome2+3= 5
(Important concept learnt, enhancement in knowledge)   
Presentation (Layout, no grammatical errors, reads well, etc.)4 Marks
Cited references4 Marks 
Total marks for content analysis assignment40 Marks