Please see the articles from the link above, and select a monthly newsletter to review. Please click on PDF of Classroom 

Edition. Please Note: Prior to the February 2012 issue, the newsletter was published under the title Liber8 Economic 

Information Newsletter.

After writing your Article Review, combine your review with the ideas/concepts presented from the textbook. Make sure to 

provide at least 3 pages (750 to 1,000 words) using APA style. You must also include a reference page at the end of your 

summary. You have seven weeks to complete this assignment, with a due date at the end of Week Seven. No late papers 

will be graded. Therefore, make sure to submit before Midnight, Tuesday- Week Seven. Any paper submitted after that 

time will be awarded a zero score, regardless of reason.


1. Do not limit yourself only to the material from the textbook. You may want to include references from the Internet, 

or additional library research, etc. However, you must (at least) include detail from our textbook.

2. Start early. You may work on the paper immediately, up to the end of Week Seven. Remember that any late 

paper will receive a zero score. You may submit your assignment when completed (Week One through 

Week Seven).

3. Proofread your work. A spelling and grammar check does not always find improper word usage. For example; to, 

too, and two would all be okay—but they have different meanings. Also, don’t forget to check spelling and 

grammar…! PS – If possible, please check the document until it removes all red, green, or blue underline 

squiggles. Those highlights make it difficult during the grading process.

4. This paper represents 12% of your course grade. Therefore, if you need writing assistance, seek out the services 

of the Student Success Center. They have tutors who would be happy to review your work before you submit for a 

final grade. Make sure to leave enough time for their review and your revisions (if necessary).

5. Apply real-world content to your review. You may want to highlight current events, etc., to show the relevance in 

today’s economic environment.

6. Do not rush this assignment. The article review represents a significant portion of your grade, and allows you to 

show off your scholarly talents. Research and writing skills are very important to employers, along with being a 

helpful exercise for personal growth.



Mishkin, F. S., & Eakins, S. G. (2012). Financial markets and institutions (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: 

Prentice Hall.


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