Application: Marketing and Communicating for NPOs


Application: Marketing and Communicating for NPOs

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

APA FORMAT 2-3 pages DUE SUNDAY 9pm NEW YORK TIME. References and Citations

In order to reach clients, potential donors, and volunteers, NPOs need a marketing orientation and must communicate their message effectively. How does an NPO adopt a marketing orientation? One step is to differentiate services and programs; even though the overall mission may be universal, NPOs often have different programs or services for their various audiences or constituents. Before an NPO can differentiate its products, however, it must determine its audiences’ needs and wants. It also needs to consider how to communicate with its audiences to determine those needs and wants as well as to market its programs. In this Application, you will consider the strategies you might employ to create a marketing orientation for your Final Project NPO and to communicate effectively with your audiences.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review Chapter 3 in The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management, focusing on the benefits of and various steps necessary for creating a successful marketing orientation for NPOs.
  • Review Part 2, Chapter 3 in Managing the Nonprofit Organization: Practices and Principles, focusing on how a marketing orientation differs from a sales orientation and the elements of segmenting, targeting, and positioning.
  • Review the Course Media segment “Marketing and Communication.” Pay particular attention to the importance of marketing the message and marketing strategies for donors and volunteers.
  • Review Chapter 11 in The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management and think about considerations and strategies for communicating your message to your audiences.
  • Consider the NPO you are creating for your Final Project.
  • Think about the mission and vision of your NPO and to whom you will need to communicate your message.
  • Consider how you will market to these audiences.
  • Select 2–3 marketing and communication strategies that you would implement in your NPO to reach your audiences.

The assignment: (2–3 pages)

  • Summarize the primary message of your NPO.
  • Describe the target audience(s) for your message.
  • Describe 2–3 marketing and/or communication strategies that you would follow to reach your audiences and create a successful marketing orientation.
  • Justify your selections: explain why you selected each and indicate what result you would expect from each.

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