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Required Readings

Required Readings

Use your Carlson and Birkett text to complete the following:

  • Review Chapter 14, “Human Communication,” pages 460–494.
  • Review Chapter 15, “Neurological Disorders,” pages 495–532.

Use your Blumenfeld text to complete the following:

  • Read Chapter 19, “Higher-Order Cerebral Function,” pages 879–964. Of particular interest for this unit are the sections: 
  • “Principles of Cerebral Localization and Lateralization,” pages 883–884.
  • “The Dominant Hemisphere: Luggage Processing and Related Functions,” pages 885–897.
  • “The Nondominant Hemisphere: Spatial Processing and lateralized Attention,” pages 898–905.

Use the Capella University Library to complete the following:

  • Conduct a search for a scholarly article relating to aphasia. Locate and read a recent (publication date no later than five years old) pertaining to the topic. Be prepared to discuss the contents of the article in this unit’s first discussion.



For this activity, discuss the article you researched in the study section of this unit on a type of aphasia, incorporating the course readings from this unit.

  • Discuss the brain structure(s) involved in the type of aphasia you selected.
  • Discuss the main functional deficits associated with that type of aphasia.
  • Utilize the APA Style and Formatting (6th Edition) guidelines for citing your references.