Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement Questions


  • Your exam will last 2 hours
  • It will be focused ENTIRELY on Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement
  • There are 3 sections
  • The total mark for the exam is 100 points

  • ALL questions must be attempted

SECTION A: Short-answer questions (30 marks)

This section will examine your knowledge of different events during the Civil Rights. There will be 2 marks for each question

Areas to cover:

Apartheid Background to the Apartheid-the Boers, the Boer Wars etc.The beginning of apartheid-National PartyMandela and the African National CongressPeaceful resistance/civil disobedience in the 1950sSpear of the Nation-ANC begins to use SabotageSharpeville MassacreRiviona TrialSteve Biko and the Black Consciousness MovementSoweto UprisingApartheid in the 1980sMandela’s release from prison and the ending of Apartheid  Civil Rights Movement Jim Crow LawsPlessy vs Ferguson, 1896Brown vs Board of Education, 1954Montgomery Bus BoycottMartin Luther KingThe March for Jobs and FreedomI have a dream speechGreensboro sit-insCivil Rights Act, 1964Voting Rights Act, 1965          

SECTION B: Picture Questions (30 marks)

This section addresses your knowledge of Apartheid in South Africa and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA through 3 pictures.

You will be asked to answer a question based on these pictures:

The areas to focus on in this section are:

  • Nelson Mandela’s release from prison
  • Soweto Uprising
  • Greensboro Sit-ins and the sit-in movement

SECTION C: Essays (40 marks)

This is the final section of the exam. You will be asked to write 2 essays

The first essay comparing the life of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela

In your essay mention:

  • Their approaches to achieve equality
  • How their government reacted to this
  • The results of their actions
  • The effect on their countries today

The second essay will be on the Plessy vs Ferguson court case and how the ruling of this court case stayed in place until the Brown vs Board of Education

In your essay mention:

  • Why the Plessy vs Ferguson court case happened?
  • What was the ruling of this court case?
  • How did this ruling negatively impact the lives of African Americans?
  • How Brown vs Board of Education in 1954 helped bring this ruling to an end?