Anthropology Paper

Paper guildeline:


——-Read “Love and Honor in the Himalayas” this book at least six chapter and pick one topic to write a paper. (McHugh, Ernestine. 2001. Love and Honor in the Himalayas. Phila: Univ of Penn). This book can read free on online. when we shake hand i will tell u how to find this book in free.


—–Suggested Topics:

·         1. Traditional gendered roles and ideas ensure that Gurung girls and women will remain in a subordinate position

·         2. Clans and lineages are a form of social stratification that uses descent to determine who has higher or lower status.

·        3.  Like class, caste is a form of social stratification and is used to determine who has greater or lesser status.

·         4. While caste still plays a major role in Gurung society, changes brought about by globalization and the involvement of state institutions means that it role in society may be declining

·         5. Anthony F. C. Wallace described religion as “belief and ritual concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces” (Wallace 1966). In Tebas religion is a combination of Buddhist and traditional beliefs and acts as a social regulator


—–The paper is to be on the McHugh ethnography. They are to be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt font, and 1- inch margins. Information must be properly cited. I have no preference as to style format, but you must include works cited page. In general your works cited will contain just the McHugh entry. No extra spaces between paragraphs. The paper must be titled, and the introductory paragraph must contain an obvious thesis sentence – thesis sentence is to be highlighted. End with a short conclusion, which can be as brief as two lines. Keep in mind as you write that this is a position paper. 

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