Answers to questions


Character traits

  1. Peaceful 2. Polite 3. Hesitant 4. Optimistic 5. Keen 6. Intuitive 7. Upright

  1. Gender: Female
  2. Relationship Status: single
  3. Dependents: nieces and nephews
  4. Life satisfaction: the character is largely satisfied in life. She engages in joyful activities. However, she is easily carried away by stressful circumstances.
  5. Most of the people that know my character love her. She is optimistic and upright, which is highly attractive to most people. The character is also admired by most people, who always want to spend time with her.
  6. My character’s hobby is swimming. My character loves being in the pool, beach, or places where swimming is highly accessible. Apart from being a swimmer, the character is an avid reader of political history. Most often, she will urge that the government is not doing what is in the best interest of the citizens, quoting historical clauses. She is especially attracted by the late President Ronald Reagan and his economic policies.
  7. The essential character trait for my character is peaceful and politeness. Most people are attracted by these virtues. Being gentle is an indication of people who love peace and tranquility. The character’s politeness allows them to get what they want even in difficult positions.
  8. One of the weaknesses of the character, despite this being a strength, is being polite. People often like manipulating polite people. This exploitation is highly dangerous and can be very disappointing. For example, someone with bad intent can exploit politeness to achieve what they want since the character is not aggressive enough to stop them. In addition, she sometimes is hesitant since she lost several chances to develop herself and achieve more benefits.


My character Darlene’s talent is swimming. Besides being her talent, swimming has been her hobby since she was a child until then, and she has developed a great passion for it. She is very good at swimming since she can perfectly swim in whichever place, regardless of whether it is in a pool, beach, or river stream. She thinks that Instagram might be of great importance as she can use it to showcase her skills. The essential character traits that have contributed to my character are that she is always keen, optimistic, and intuitive. She worked in a big hotel with excellent swimming pools, something that helped develop her swimming character.

Darlene’s goal for posting on Instagram is to showcase her swimming skills and connect with many people who may like to learn her skills. She is also planning to make new friends through Instagram who may be interested in swimming life so that she can teach them how to swim during her free time. I want people to discover my swimming skills through the posts and share her life to go to the beach, swimming pool. Since she will be posting videos of me swimming and showing various swimming skills, people will be able to discover her skills.