Annotated Bibliography for a Research Paper

Topic: Technology- A blessing or a curse?


My Professor gave me these guidelines:

This one is great!  You have already asked the research question to guide your project: Is technology a blessing or a curse?  If you choose to go with this topic, I recommend finding a couple resources to support each side.  This will show your reader that your paper is based on research rather than opinion.  Based on the research supporting both sides, you can point out possible gaps in the information available and suggest areas of further investigation, or you can use the research to support your opinion of whether technology is a blessing or a curse.



The university guidelines and references are attached. Please follow closely.


I will need a plagarism free paper. A++ work. In 24 hours. If I get a good grade in this annotated bibliography, I will give you the rest of the research paper as well to complete.

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