An Assignment for you. (Time Sensitive) PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS, IMPORTANT!

Hi, I need this assignment back by tommorow Sat. 01/17/15 by 10:00 P.M Eatern Time if not before then. It is very important to review all of the requirements included in the attachment with the four questions. I will not tolerate Plagiarism at all and I will leave negative feedback along with requesting a full reund if this occurs! I will be checking and paying the extra money on any work through the plgiarism checker because ‘ive had so many problems with writers with this. Please do not take this assignment if you do not have access to my book which is also attached in the instructions with my questions because it is part of the requirements to use at least my book as one of the references if not the only reference. (This is very imortant) Also, Please include in text citations and references o each essay qustion, This is also very imporant and I will not accept anything less, i’M JUST LOOKING FOR A WRITER WHO IS HONEST, AND DELIVERS GREAT WORK! Thanks so much!!

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