Agency Proposal Outline

This assignment focuses on the foundation, process and end result of creating your own human service agency or program. You will create a presentation that acts as an official proposal for your agency or program. For example, when nonprofits are starting out and attempting to gain funding for an agency or program, they create a presentation that introduces the potential investor or donor to the agency’s goals, costs, services provided, etc. This assignment will pull from your agency experience (interviews/journals), the course text and of course research. This assignment is broken up into two portions.

Part 1

The first part is your agency proposal outline draft. This draft will be brief but still cover all of the questions listed below. For example, when answering what your agency’s mission is you can provide a brief description rather than an entire paragraph. This draft is an opportunity for me to offer feedback and ensure that you are on the right track. The draft should be 1-2 pages maximum, double-spaced, and submitted on Canvas during week thirteen by Friday (5/14) no later than 11:55pm.

Rubric for Part 1

Did the student answer all questions listed?15105
Proper spelling and grammar531
Timely submission-0-3-5

Part 2

The second part is the actual agency proposal. This assignment will be in the form of a presentation rather than a paper. You can use either PowerPoint or Google Slides (NOTE: If you use Google Slides you must grant me access to view the slides otherwise you will receive a zero). You will answer the same questions that you did previously in your draft outline but with further detail. Please use my comments and suggestions from your draft to help guide you when creating your presentation. The proposal should thoroughly answer/cover every question listed and be submitted on Canvas during final’s week by Friday (6/4) no later than 11:55pm.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Each question below should have its own slide minimum.
  • Your slides should contain:
    • all of the required information requested
    • graphs/charts/tables/etc. to help reinforce your points
    • apparent use of the course text and/or outside sources to help support your proposal and be organized
  • You may include video clips in your presentation as well, but they cannot take the place of answering your question.
  • Your presentation should include:
    • a title slide listing your name, the class and a title
    • You must also include a works cited page 
    • Proper spelling and grammar are required throughout

Rubric for Part Two

Did the student thoroughly answer all of the questions listed? Include graphs/tables/charts to reinforce their argument?302010
Did the presentation exemplify apparent use of the course text and/or outside sources to help support the proposal?20155
Was the presentation well organized? Did they include a title page and works cited page? Was there a theme to the presentation (such as colorful slides, font, etc.)103
Proper spelling and grammar-0-5-10

The agency proposal should include all of the elements listed below (1 slide each minimum)

Slide 1: Executive SummaryWhat is your program’s mission? Who do you want to help? What change do you hope to create?
Slide 2: Statement of NeedWhy is this program/service needed? You should use statistics here to reinforce your argument
Slide 3:What services will be provided? Who is eligible and how is eligibility determined? Will services be time-limited or ongoing? How will you measure outcomes?
Slide 4: BudgetHow much will it cost to provide these services (regardless of who pays)? What sources of funding would you seek (both public and private)? Would clients have out of pocket expenses?
Slide 5: Organization InformationWhat is the size of staff and average caseload?What qualifications will be required of staff?