Agency and Employment.

DUE 09.10.14 @ 12:00p.m.


For this assignment #1, take a look at the following video:



Assignment 1:


In the video that you watched, a grocery clerk brought a woman that had gone into labor to the 

hospital, using the grocery store’s vehicle. The woman arrived at the hospital in time, but the 

employee ran over Melnick’s dog. Melnick came to the store to complain to the manager.


Discuss the case. Answer the following questions in a thorough response:


1. Analyze the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior.

2. What factors are considered in determining whether a particular act is subject to Respondeat 


3. In the scenario, what tort is being used by the plaintiff?

4. What defenses are available to the defendant?


Assignment 2:


The Case


The Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center started a new policy that required each unit of the 

facility to be staffed at all times by at least one officer of the same gender as the detainees housed at a 

unit. The purpose of the policy, administrators said, was to reduce the likelihood of sexual abuse of 

juveniles by offers of the other gender. 


Because there were many more male units in the center than female units, the policy had the effect of 

reducing the number of shifts for female officers and increasing the number of shifts for men. Two female 

officers sued for gender discrimination. The district court held for the county, finding that the policy of 

assignment was based on a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) and so it was not illegal gender 

discrimination. The female officers appealed. What would be evidence that the county had a valid BFOQ? [Henry v Milwaukee County, 539 F .3d 573 (7th Cir. 2008)] 


In thoroughly responding to the question be sure to:


• Discuss and define gender discrimination.

• Discuss the elements of BFOQ (Bona Fide Occupational Qualification) and how this defense

relates to the above case.


Paper Requirements:


>MS Word Document

>2-3 pp. per assignment


>font size: 12

>apa citation

>at least 3 sources

>in depth analysis of each case

>please, no plagiarism!

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