10 slides, speaker note,250 words per slide, need by Saturday 11/9 at 5 pm



1.  Describe methods used to asess the behaviors and ttitues of organizational members and apply one model in an analysis of your organization. (Use Myers-Briggs)


2.  Analyze methods usd to improve the behavior and atitudes of organizaitonl members and propose proessess to build teams and mange their different stages of development. (Use methods from Maslow )


3. Evalute method of managing conflict and change within the organization. (Use Lewin and Kotter)


4. Create recommendations on developing intergroup responsibilities that will reduce the potential for conflict and encourage intergroup collaboration. (Use Lewin and Kotter)

 5.  Discuss the implications of your recommendations on organizational structure and culture. (Use Lewin and Kotter)


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