YOU MUST ANSWER QUESTION #1 & then CHOOSE 1 QUESTION from the remaining to answer.
Please clearly identify which Question # you are answering.
The exam is worth 30 marks and each question is marked out of 20. Math will make this work out later.
These are essay style answers. No bullet points. Complete and grammatically correct sentences. Have an
introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Your introduction should make it clear where your answers are
heading and in an organized and structured way, take me there. Provide specific supports for your
positions and statements. You should definitely tell me what the authors we’ve read have said on these
topics, making sure to cite it properly and in context, but what I really want is YOUR VOICE letting me
know that you understand the issue and can articulate thoughts and positions in a meaningful way.
While there may be overlap between the two that you answer, do not simply repeat yourself. While
you may briefly address those related ideas, you must take a unique approach to each response. If you
are just repeating what you said in the prior response, I will not consider it when grading your second
response so please make sure of this. Ultimately, your responses should be logical and easy to
understand. This should go without saying but your responses must also be related to the question.
All supports (except of course any personal anecdotes or general examples) or citations MUST ONLY
come from our assigned readings, lectures, or media we’ve viewed.
You are to use your text and video lecture/podcast lecture notes only. Any materials presented in your
responses that are not from the textbook or the lectures, whether they are cited or not, will result in a
reduced mark. I want you, based on the textbook and our lectures/videos/podcasts to be able to
demonstrate an understanding of the material through application or critique. You do not need a
reference page but please identify when you are “quoting the text” (p. 37) or lecture (Lecture, Feb. 19).
Make sure whether you are correctly attributing a quote or idea to the text’s author (Holm) when they
are making the claim or one of the theorists they are discussing (for example, Williams, Barthes, or
ALWAYS use examples and other supports. DO NOT simply restate what the textbook is saying. You
need to make it abundantly clear that you understand what the text is saying by also saying it in your
own voice.
This include Wikipedia, general websites, as well as other academic materials we did not use this
If you use any outside materials in your responses, even if you have appropriately cited it, you will
receive a zero for that question. If you haven’t cited it then it constitutes plagiarism, and you will
receive a zero for the exam and your exam will be forwarded for a formal review of academic
I can’t be anymore straight forward than that. It’s simple. Don’t do it.
MACS 215 – Take Home Final Exam
There is no “required” # of words for these responses which is to say, write what you need to write in
order to answer the questions in a clear, concise, and meaningful way. Don’t fluff up your answers just
to make them longer but also ensure that you are addressing all of the appropriate parts of the question
and using appropriate academic depth.
In-text citations and references in APA format please. Here is the link to an APA guide from UFV to help.—revJuly122021_Final.pdf
Required Essay Answer – 20 marks
Please answer the following question provided in complete sentences.
1) Define and explain semiotics and why this theory is important in Media Studies. Then do
a semiotic analysis of the attached ad.
Please answer 1 of the following questions in essay format. 20 marks
2) Explain the “Think Small” ad campaign and how it sparked a creative revolution?
3) Define and explain “commodity fetishism” and how it applies to advertising.
4) “Culture as a commodity”. Explain and critique.
BONUS QUESTION: What is your favourite colour?
This is worth .5 of a point so make sure it’s correct.

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