A Reflective Journal/Portfolio of your learning in this module and the workplace

A Reflective Journal/Portfolio of your learning in this module and the workplace

This will be in the format of a journal, in which learning, reflections and action planning will be recorded. The amount of writing you may need to do in each piece is variable, but you should aim to write:

500 words on an introduction, taking stock of your current status, experience, expectations and learning. Self-analysis tools and questionnaires can support this.

200-300 words on at least 5 x log entries, each backed with evidence where applicable (total 1500 words)

500 words personal reflective essay at the end, looking forward to the workplace.

A total of 2500 words (excluding appendices)


To help you do this you will need to keep a reflective learning log (similar to a diary):

The entries will create your own progress report on what you are doing and learning. It should be written throughout the module and not all at once at the end of the module.

It should be a mixture of log book [what you have done], diary [how you are feeling about what you are doing and learning] and should be focused on the workplace: present and future.

It can be written any time, any place and will assist you in gaining a better understanding of yourself and how you learn about what is needed to succeed in the workplace.

You need to have at least 7 sections (including introduction and final reflective essay). You can present log entries by either entering the days (such as ‘Day 1’), or by addressing certain topics such as Time Management, Stress Management, Listening Skills, Self-analysis, and so forth, but then writing about that topic across several days. Do not forget to include your own opinion, and emotions and your plans for the future, backed with academic underpinning and references! You will need to keep to the word limit (as stated above) for each piece.

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