The Details of a Venue Suitable for a Corporate Meeting

Executive Summary


A meeting with about 50 delegates is being considered. The venue should be able to accommodate a one day meeting for 50 delegates with “break –out” facilities for the delegates to 2 smaller seminar rooms each seating 25 delegates. An 8-hour delegate rate will be calculated.

In considering the details of a venue suitable for a corporate meeting, there are several factors that must be properly laid out: Date, venue, total number of participants, the event, activities, cost, and availability are only some of them.

The Event

Events vary from one to another. Every gathering of two to millions is considered an event with their own identity and character. Events require proper identification and specification in order for a proper preparation, logistic details and execution. Its identification includes the purpose, in this instance, a meeting, of which specific aims or goals are also defined. The participants or the host individual or organisation is also properly acknowledged in order to assign the responsibility or tasks that need to be performed by each during the event.

A meeting is an event where there is an expected discussion and outcome amongst participants. Usually, it is organisational in nature, meaning, it involves a group of people from one entity or establishment with same agenda or purpose, although the position or importance of each participant may vary. At other times, the participants may only be similar for one factor or a common interest, and that is, with the same goals or aims that shall be the core of the meeting.

A meeting may also be called a convention of which other forms of activities or variety of participants may be introduced to add spice to the gathering. They gather to a specified time and place to engage in one or more common interest and at most, a convention or meeting is based on industry or profession. Details are of utmost importance from the planning to execution of an event such as a convention or a meeting.

A meeting brings people together to achieve a goal. Every detail is expected to be in place in order for the meeting to be successful. The event planner or convener must first determine the purpose of the meeting. The host or sponsoring organisation’s message or impression must be properly presented so that from the coordination of meeting details, printing of materials to presentation of speakers and audio-visual equipment, the planner should be on top of everything. It is the focus of the organiser or planner to pattern the activities in order to affect the goals of the organisation. The “break-out” activity for the delegates that need to be suited with the venue, its room and facilities availability, may refer to meeting this need of the client or the organiser.

Prior to choosing the final venue, a proposal was sent to prospective venues that outlined the meeting needs as well as the purpose of the organisation / host / sponsor or planner. Careful evaluation was done using comparison of accessibility, availability, facilities, costs, and other factors that may influence the outcome of the meeting. Once the venue is finalised, this is communicated with all agencies and persons involved: from the host / sponsor to the participants.

Support services are then arranged and these include management of labour and materials. In the preparation process, it was necessary to check and double-check if all materials to be used for the meeting are ordered and shipped or transported in time to the venue. An area designated for person in-charge or the materials to be used is in place prior to shipping. All these are coordinated by the planner or event organiser. Meeting rooms are also prepared and checked while the services or facilities of the venue are put to test: this include internet connection, email or fax services, setting up of electronic communications, voice mail or video.

The rooms are check-listed if needed facilities are in place and working: these include audio-video equipment requirement, sufficient seating and ventilation as well as mobility, exhibit booths or tables in place and set up properly, displays in the right lighting or angle, and all other materials ready and in place.

Other concerns for the meeting also include the safety and comfort of participants and agency representatives. Food and beverages were long-coordinated with and expected to be ready once the first participant arrives at the venue.

Prior to the event or the meeting, participants are registered. Either before or during the meeting, name badges or identification, meeting materials, lodging reservation and accommodation, as well as transportation were already arranged, and for dissemination.


The date of an event is necessary to prepare all necessary details which only could be done after an event date has been established and confirmed. Its importance spells success of any given event. It is necessary to establish a date for an event to prepare the participants, the venue, as well as all related information-gathering and schedule. Participants are informed only after the confirmation of and event date.


A venue may be confirmed only after establishing a date, the needs, the event as well as number of participants and activities of a given event. One expected or proposed venue may or may not be available for a given date so, adjustments may be made. Otherwise, the organisers may opt to change venue. However, date is basically a more important consideration than venue although there is always a need to synchronise everything in order to make an event a success.

Costing or Budgeting

The costs of an event includes transportation, accommodation, rental of venue or venues and facilities, food for organisers and participants, resources such as speakers or trainers, their assistants or staff, materials to be used and to be distributed to participants, projectors, slides presentations, a computer or a laptop, projector wall, and other incidental and operational expenditures. All details are provided in a budget plan that outlines the activities, details of expenditures or cost estimates, people involved, as well as the outcome for each activity or expenditure.

Details of the Venue

The proposed venue for this meeting is Hilton London at the Heathrow Airport. This was chosen over other proposed hotels for its accessibility which has direct access to Terminal 4 via a covered walkway and Terminal 5 via a hotel shuttle bus. In addition, the Hilton London Heathrow Airport hotel is only 20 minutes by train from central London. It has facilities that may accommodate a meeting for 2 or up to 300 with provision for use of other “break –out” facilities for the delegates so that 2 smaller seminar rooms to accommodate about 25 will be available during the event.

Hilton London Heathrow Airport tops other hotels for its

  • Easily access
  • Ideal location for meetings
  • Modern Communications
  • Friendly and Timely service
  • Fresh ideas in food and drink
  • Online resources to inspire and support.

The Hilton boasts of “a productive, successful, hassle-free event” that guarantee “the same high standard of service, familiar surroundings and high quality equipment, wherever Hilton Meetings are offered… All you have to concentrate on is business!” (Hilton London).

Hilton London Heathrow Airport may be reached through terminal 4, Hounslow Middx TW6 3AF with telephone 020887597755, electronic mail or through its website at

Consequently, accessible and nearby companies include:

  • British Airways-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • Cisco Systems-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • Boeing-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • DHL-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • SAP-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • BAA-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • EDS-5.0 mile(s) / 8.0 km
  • BP-8.1 mile(s) / 13.0 km.

The Business Centre is open Mondays through Fridays from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening to cater to the needs of their customers or guests. This additional service takes off burdens of official or business travellers without having to worry about connectivity and communication with the office or their agencies. The staff may receive and send messages for the guest at the guest’s own convenient phase and time.

The hotel facilities and services include

  • Fast and convenient copy service for a fee
  • Outgoing fax for a fee
  • Incoming Fax is free
  • Internet Connection for a fee
  • Projector for a fee
  • Secretarial and Typing Services for a fee
  • Transparencies (Black and White) for a fee
  • Transparencies (Colour) for a fee

Other business services include:

  • Translation services
  • Executive Floor and Lounge
  • Wireless internet connection

Feedback of Users

The frequency of booking of one meeting venue is one indication of its capability and competence in working out successful conventions or events. Hilton London Heathrow is adept to handling events as may be deemed with its previous events, as well as the constant stream of events that are on-going and coming. It is host to both organisational as well as individual events and highly appraised by both organisers and the clients or participants.

As a service-oriented one, word-of-mouth is usually much more credible than the classiest brochure, advertisements or public relations campaigns, although these support for information dissemination definitely help.

A couple who had their wedding reception interviewed said that they were overwhelmed by how the reception and programme turned out. The bride-now-a-wife only has praises and positive words. The groom-husband could only agree.

An organiser who has staged several events in the Hilton London Heathrow already has accumulated enough reservation and activities in the venue to earn him clout and big discounts, yet, maintained successful product and company launches, meetings, workshops and conventions for about 3 years now.

The actual list of past, ongoing as well as upcoming activities also attest to the quality of service the hotel has. These make the venue’s reputation beyond question.


Given the above availability of Hilton London Heathrow Airport services, it has been deemed appropriate to employ their services. The meeting needs will not only be properly met through availability of services that facilitate communication between participants, the organisers and the host, but the present facilities and venue cater to the specific requirement of the event. The need to accommodate 50 participants for the meeting is adequately possible as well as the allocation for 2 additional rooms as “break-out” rooms for activities that may be assigned or expected from the delegates.