The Abstract Concept of Freedom

Freedom. It is the absence of necessity, one’s right to do whatever they please. An open-ended, infinite journey into the depths of creativity where one is not restricted by rules and regulations. People are able to find freedom within themselves and in the world around them. It is the result of lifted pressures and expectations given to people. Many people have images of freedom they have developed through experience and cultural immersion. Cultures all have their own view of freedom, often regulated by the nature of the government.

Freedom can be frightening to many, exploring new areas they have never ventured upon. Where as others, who are deprived of their freedom live miserable lives in comparison. No matter what context freedom is discussed, it always differs depending upon the individual and the opinions they have formed toward it. The impression one has of a concept is often supported with images. These images develop from life experiences and the denotation one gives them.

Culture and experience are main factors in one’s perception of concepts. This applies more directly to freedom than most concepts as a result of its many possible contexts. People’s perception and opinions of things are greatly affected by their surroundings. People regard their personal freedom differently in different regions of the world. This comes as a result of the restrictions the government places on them. The United States is the most free nation in the world in that sense because of the freedoms each individual is given.

Every citizen is given natural rights and these are protected by the government. While in many other nations, the government its’ self is often the one violating the rights of the citizens. If not directly, indirectly, because of lacking responsibility. The United States has adopted the bald eagle as the symbol for justice and freedom. To many Americans this has become their concrete image of freedom because of their exposure to it. One’s surrounding greatly affect their perception, including the concrete images they associate with abstract concepts.

A free mind is a powerful tool. Often the most successful people are not necessarily the smartest but rather the most creative. They tend to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas and concepts that others haven’t. Many people are restricted to the confines of their world of rules and guidelines. When one is able to see beyond the norm and free their mind, they are often very successful. Psychological freedom is perhaps the most satisfying and is associated with successful and victorious concrete images. These images may include things such as open skies and graduation gowns, or anything indicating a bright and prosperous future. When freedom is allowed by the mind, monumental events may occur.

Many people around the world are restricted of this freedom. Throughout history, numerous groups have been oppressed and limited to a lower quality of life. Very depressing images arise concerning this issue. Images involving imprisonment, beating, slavery and even events like the Holocaust, Apartheid or the Tiananmen Square protests. Most notably, the image of the lone protester who single-handedly halted the row of tanks. Such images give us the idea of how much we take for granted in America and how hard life is for numerous people around the world who aren’t given the same freedoms we enjoy.

Freedom is a wonderful condition. It is further reinforced through the many strong images it tends to be associated with. Freedom can be discussed in a variety of contexts, and has numerous ways it can be perceived. How one perceives it, is generally a result of what they have been exposed to. Connections a person makes with events and objects they have encountered account for the concrete images they associate with abstract concepts. Their culture and general environment are deciding factors in this process. People who have had this freedom see extremely positive things when they think of freedom, while the deprived must have grim images and memories in relation. Freedom is a very important part of society and this concept is accompanied by strong concrete images.