Teens Should Be Allowed More Freedom

Do you feel like your parents restrict you? Not only that but do you feel like your friends are allowed to do so much more than you just because your parents don’t let you do the stuff you would like to? Sometimes you need to put yourself in your parent’s shoes and see how they feel. But, do you do that and you still feel like it’s unfair and your constantly never able to do anything? I think some parents don’t allow their teens to have the freedom they should, and doing that just smothers not only their freedom, but their well being as well.

When you are about 9 months old, your parents let you try and pull yourself up and to stand. At about 16 to 17 months your parents give you the freedom to walk.

Your parents give freedom by letting you attempt to stand and take those first steps. If you were held at all times and not given the freedom to stand and learn how to take those steps, you could not learn to walk.

As we grow older they seek freedom and more independence. But sometimes along the way we can break our parents trust. Depending on the parent and the teen, because everybody is different, the consequences are different and the adult or parents usually tightens up their grip with the rules.

What does that do? We need to make small mistakes to learn for ourselves and not just from what our parents tell us.

For example, you ask to go to a party that you know there will be alcohol at. Your significant other or parent says no because they were a kid once too and know how parties turn out at your age. How is this fair? Most likely they got to experience what parties were like when they were a kid but they put their knowledge of when they were young up against our freedom.

What does it really mean to you if you don’t get to experience something for yourself? It’s like when somebody tells you about this one time they saw a mermaid. Do you believe them, and does it even mean anything to you? Studies show that if a teenager is given more freedom they are more than likely to respect that freedom and make the right choice.