Teaching regarding the natural world

It is truly amazing to find out how much God’s love is to mankind is. HE is a supreme being, because how can we explain the knowledge he possess. HE is a God of new beginnings and HE has existed before the world was even created. The bible says “In the beginning, God…” there was no account of how HE came into existence and the whole idea of what we are seeing today has been predetermined by HIM and it is still very much relevant to our lives today.

In the beginning when God created light, the firmament, the vegetation, wildlife, rodents, birds, the fishes in the water, he had just created a food chain that would ensure continuation of life on earth. He then created Adam in HIS own image to head the other creations, to be on top of the food chain, hence, God had started the human race. Thousands of years after, the wildlife, the vegetation and everything HE created are still germane to human existence on earth.

It is also worth of note that God worked for six days and rested on the seventh day, which is equivalent to our Monday through Saturday for work and we rest on the seventh day which is Sunday. Once again, God’s perfect idea of when to work and when to rest. Human identity came hand-in-hand with everything God created. When HE finished creating everything, HE created Man in HIS own image and called him ADAM which means earth man and HE gave him dominion over everything HE had created.

Man was placed in the Garden of Eden to till the soil and to maintain it, meaning he had to work for his living too as God himself worked to create the world.

But when man fell, he was sent out of the garden and he had to work for himself, he had to toil and eat from his sweat and Eve too had to suffer in delivery and that has changed the human identity for ever, hence our need the work hard today to make ends meet. We also lost our immortality when Adam fell. God has made us in HIS own image, HE gave us HIS unique breath of life and because of that, we are able to think and reason, we are also able to love HIM and recognize his provision over our lives. This calls us to honor every person we come in contact with, because they are a unique image of God, we should also love one another as we have loved God.

Before the fall, there was a Father-son relationship between God and Adam, the book of Genesis confirmed the way God would come down and sit with them in the evening and they would talk about everything. It was also noted that God was there interacting with Adam when he was naming the animals. When God created the animals, he created them in twos, male and female for companionship, but he created Adam alone and God saw the need for human relationship, he then created Eve from Adam’s ribs to give him some companion. Today, we are equally obliged to relate and interact with God’s creation, we are made for relationships, with humans, and animals even vegetation.

We can also relate with God today, the same way he related with Adam and Eve before the fall. We have an obligation to work with other people. God talked about Adam’s need of a helper, we are made to help other people too and love (agape) them unconditionally as God has loved us. In our relationship with other people in work place or at home, we should be able to delegate duties and power to others. God transferred the duty of naming the animals to Adam and God stuck with whatever he called them, hence the need to allow other people take charge of situations and let them make their own decisions. When Adam fell and God asked him what happened, he was swift to point out that it was Eve’s fault, Eve was also swift at shifting the blame on the serpent. That is the way we still are today, we love to put out blame on other people for our own shortcomings. Civilization started in the bible, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they knew they were naked and made themselves clothes from leaves, God later made them clothing from animal skin.

As with civilization today, different vices comes with it, Cain killed his brother Abel and that was the first murder in the bible (Gen 4.8 KJV). Reproduction also led to population of the earth, it is important to note that the first city was named after Enoch by his father Esau (Gen 4.17 KJV). God later decided to wipe out the people that inhabits the earth because they had turned away from HIM, but he chose to preserve Noah and his family; and Noah had three sons and he spared them during the flood, they would go on to become the predecessor to what the whole world is now. Japheth became the father of the Europeans and Ham became the father of the Africans and Asians, while Shem became the ancestor of the Middle East. Looking at how everything has turned out today, it is a little disheartening that brothers are trying to kill brothers today and a lot of other social problems between nations today.

The Tower of Babel definitely made a huge impact on the dispersion of the world and the fact that we speak different languages now. God saw that the people were united, they had one common cause and they stood by it, they were unflinching in their determination to build that tower, and God confused their tongue that they all speak the same thing but in different languages and they couldn’t continue. The most important point here is that they had to disperse to different part of the world to settle down; and this has led to the variety of regions, cultures and ideas today, there are over 1000 languages being spoken in different parts of the world. It is important to respect every person to day regardless of which ever part of the world they came from. Conclusively, the book of Genesis 1 -11 has shown us how God created everything, his love, grace, mercy, wrath, and divine plan for every one of us today. HE is a master planner and HE has made everything for a reason, and that reason is to love him, love one another and obey his words. May God continue to help and give us the grace to love him more and to do his will every day of our lives (AMEN)