Social Media Module Three: Lab Questions

Your first lab link can be found at What is Positive Parenting? A written transcript is also available for this lab. 1. How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why?

~Positive parents differ from negative parents by the fact that positive parents give their child choices within a reasonable consideration of leeway so that a child feels that they have a say so in their life choices.

2. Do you think children should have more rules or fewer rules in the home? Why?

~ I believe that should have fewer rules in the home as they reach adolescence, but should be taught the basic principles of being independent and responsible when they are at a young age.

3. How would you deal with a situation of biting? Do you think your approach would fit into a “positive parenting” framework? Why or why not?

~ When dealing with a child that is biting you should make it clear to the child that it is a wrong and unpleasant thing to feel and doing it comes with consequences that may seem harsh, but are consequences for their actions.

Your second lab link can be found at Babies for Beginners. A written transcript is also available for this lab.

1. Why do new parents feel pressure? What are some of the biggest sources of worry for new parents?

~New parents feel pressured because there is an enormous amount of information that comes with parents from all directions weather it’s from their parents, their in-laws, and so much more.

Some of the biggest sources of worry for new parents are usually holding the baby properly, how are you going to feed the baby, will my baby be normal, will life be the same, and will I be a good partner.

2. Why do you think people have become so caught up in the details rather than in basic parenting?

~I think people have become so caught up in the details rather than basic parenting because it can be overwhelming to a first time parent and a new parent will tent to over think or think to hard on something.

3. How can you know if a baby is happy?

~You can know a baby is happy well since a baby has very complex emotions it may seem hard to tell, but usually you can tell by the baby’s facial expressions or if the baby is crying then they’re not happy and if they’re not crying then they’re happy.

4. Why do you think crying is so stressful for parents?

~I think crying is so stressful for a parent is because for a parent it has to be hard trying to find out why the child is crying and what ways to get him/her to stop crying. They stress of something else that is on the parents shoulders like work, money, food, or something else can cause even more problems when piling a child that you can’t seem to figure out why they are crying.

5. How do you think you would do as a new parent? What challenges do you think you’d face?

~ If I was a new parent I would be very stressed I would admit, I would be relying on information from my mother and even a hand or two if need be. The challenges I think I would be facing would be how to feed and clothe my child, if I had a job or not and if I even finished schooling, communication with my partner, and the any stress that can come with all of it.